Information for authors


1. Article submition
The editorial board issues the cross-disciplinary journal which contains articles covering basic researches in the field of social sciences.
Articles, reviews of schools, information on the current conferences and books according to sections of the journal are presented in the journal. The information on conferences, symposiums and master classes is published after consultation with the editor-in-chief.
The journal is an official publishing body of North Ossetian State University after K.L. Khetagurov. Articles adopted to the publication must meet general standards including reviewing and positive assessment of an editorial board. The publication is for free.
2. Article preparation
Vestnik NOSU journal accepts original articles of one or several authors according to journal headings: historical sciences, pedagogical sciences, economic sciences. The text of the article has to be carefully read by the author who bears responsibility for scientific-theoretical level of the published material. The volume of the article has to be not less than 5 and shouldn't exceed 12 pages. The publication of the articles of bigger volume is resolved at a meeting of editorial board.
Articles has to be sent by e-mail to the secretary of the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. journal. The text of the article has to be executed in the Microsoft Word format with the .doc (.docx) or .rtf expansion, the Times New Roman font. The surname of the author is specified in a subject of the letter (for example: Ivanov), two files – the application (see an application Form) and the text of the article enclosed to the letter. The name of the files should contain a surname of the author with initials and the word "author" and "article" with a hyphen (for example, "Ivanov A.A. - application" "Ivanov A.A. - article"). The application must contain e-mail of each author.
2.1 UDC index.
2.2 Title of the article in Russian (font size 14, semifat, center alignment).
2.3 Title of the article in English (font size 14, semifat, center alignment).
2.4 Initials and a surname of the author (authors) in Russian (font size 14, right-aligning).
2.5 Initials and a surname of the author (authors) in English (font size 14, right-aligning).
2.6 Information about the author (authors): surname, name, middle name completely, academic degree, academic status, position, the place of work, study, the city, e-mail (font size 12, justified alignment).
2.7 If the article is based on materials performed with assistance of federal competitions and grants there should be a reference to a competition (grant) with its requisites (font size 12, justified alignment).
2.8 The abstract in Russian (up to 150 words), without the word "Abstract" (font size 12, justified alignment).
2.9 The abstract in English (from 100 to 150 words) (font size 12, justified alignment).
2.10 Keywords (no more than 10) in Russian follow a word "Keywords:" in the same line through a comma (font size 12, justified alignment).
2.11 Keywords (no more than 10) in English follow a word "Keywords:" in the same line through a comma (font size 12, justified alignment).
2.12 Requirements the main text: font size 14, fields of 2,0 cm from all directions, justified alignment, a paragraph space – 1,25 cm, an interval 1,5, book orientation, without transfers, consolidation of intervals is forbidden. Numbering of pages treats without fail. Article has to contain the intra text bibliographic text references issued in square brackets with reference to serial number of the used work in the list of references, for example: [2]. If the reference is given on a concrete fragment of the text of the document, the number of pages must be also placed, for example: [2:81]. If the reference includes several used works, then they are divided by a semicolon, for example: [4:15; 5:123].
Article shouldn’t contain interlinear bibliographic references – footnotes: references to archival sources, materials of collections and private collections and also author's notes and comments.
2.13 Each table in the text of article has to be numbered and have heading. Number of the table and heading are placed over the table. Number is made out as "Table 1", a font - Times New Roman, italics, the size – 12, the provision of the text on the page on the right edge. The heading is placed on the next line, a font - Times New Roman, the size – 12, the provision of the text on the page on the center.
2.14 Graphic materials have to be presented in "Microsoft Graph" or "Excel" without use of scanning in the form of the drawing or the grouped objects. Graphic objects shouldn't go out of fields of the page and exceed one page. Each object has to be numbered and have heading. Number of an object and heading are placed under an object. Number is made out as "Figure 1", a font - Times New Roman, the provision of the text on the page on the center. Further the name - a font - Times New Roman, font size – 12 follows.
2.15. Mathematical formulas are made out through the editor of formulas "Microsoft Equation". Their numbering treats on the right side in brackets. At a large number of formulas their independent numbering according to each section is recommended.
2.16 The list of references (up to 15 points) in Russian is entitled as "Literature" (the Times New Roman font, font size – 14, semifat, situation on the left edge of the page) and made out according to GOST 7.05-2008. First come Russian-speaking sources, then foreign, then electronic resources. The list is constructed alphabetically.
2.17. The list of references in English (the Russian sources are translated into English) is entitled as "Literature" (the Times New Roman font, font size – 14, semifat, situation on the left-aligning).
2.18. The editorial board of the journal has the right not to include the articles, that don’t meet the requirements and exceed the established volume. Articles prepared according to requirements are accepted for reviewing.
3. Article reviewing
3.1. The main condition for the publication of articles of scientific-theoretical character in the journal is the procedure of reviewing organized by editorial board.
3.2. Forms of reviewing of articles:
• internal (reviewing of manuscripts of articles by members of editorial board);
• external (forwarding for reviewing of manuscripts of articles to leading experts in the relevant branch).
3.3. The editor-in-chief defines compliance of article to a profile of the journal, then the secretary defines its compliance to requirements and send for expert reviewing, to the doctor or the candidate of science of the relevant specialization.
3.4. The reviewer has to:
a) confirm compliance of article to the journal profile;
b) estimate:
• relevance of contents of article: whether it corresponds to modern achievements of this branch of science,
• the importance of the received results of researches (scientific, practical),
• completeness and reliability of the provided data,
• correctness and accuracy of used (or entered) definitions and formulations,
• literary style of statement of material,
• quality and/or quantity of assessment of the material given in article: actual and illustrative;
c) specify, if the article meet all the requirements: compliance of volume of article, existence of the abstract in Russian and English languages, existence of the list of references and references to it in the text, contact information of the authors, etc.;
d) give valid conclusions about article in general, remarks, if necessary – recommendations on its improvement.
3.5. The review has to include the full name of the article, position of the author of the article, surname, name, the author's middle name.
3.6. Reviewers are notified that the manuscripts transferred to them for reviewing, are of private property of authors and treat the data which aren't subject to disclosure. The author of the reviewed work is given an opportunity to get acquainted with an open part of the review, to enter polemic with the reviewer in case of return of the article for completion or receiving motivated refusal.
3.7. The editor-in-chief within 10 days notifies authors on obtaining the article.
3.8. Reviewing terms in each separate case are defined by the editor-in-chief with creation of conditions for soonest publication of the article.
3.9. Reviews are certified in the organization where the reviewer works.
3.10. In case of a rejection the author will get an official motivated refusal.
3.11. The article which isn't recommended by the reviewer for the publication can not be accepted for reconsideration. The text of the negative review is sent to the author by e-mail.
3.12. The article can be accepted for reconsideration in case if the reviewer recommends it for completion.
3.13. The decision on publication after reviewing is made by editorial board. At the same time the author must have two positive reviews out of three necessary. The editorial board can send the article for additional reviewing.
3.14. In case of the positive decision the editor-in-chief informs the author about it.
3.15. Original reviews are stored in the editorial office of the scientific journal "Vestnik NOSU" and in publishing house within 5 years and their copies are sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon the corresponding inquiry.
3.16. The editorial office doesn't incur obligations for reviewing of all incoming materials and doesn't get into discussion with authors of the rejected materials.
3.17. Accepted articles are not sent back to authors, the fee is not paid, one copy of the journal with the published material is given to the author free of charge.
4. Publication order
4.1. By submitting the article the author gives consent to place the full text on the official Internet sites of Scientific electronic library ( and the Vestnik SOGU journal (
4.2. Articles are accepted according with the schedule:
• in No. 1 (March) — from November 1 to February 1 of the current year;
• in No. 2 (June) — from February 1 to May 1 of the current year;
• in No. 3 (September) — from May 1 to July 1 of the current year;
• in No. 4 (December) — from July 1 to November 1 of the current year.
5. Subscription
The subscription is available at any post office of Russia under index 80138,